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CanWest Games Online Qualifier


Complete for time:

75’ DB Front rack walking lunge 50/35 (15 points / reps)
100 Double unders
30 Pull ups
30 Handstand push ups
50’ DB Front rack walking lunge 50/35 (10 points
 / reps)

75 Double unders
20 Pull ups
20 Handstand push ups
25’ DB Front rack walking lunge 50/35 (5 points
 / reps)

50 Double unders
10 Pull ups
10 Handstand push ups

15 min time cap

Workout Standards


If you finish under the time cap, enter your completed time. 

If you DO NOT finish within the 15 minute time cap, enter completed reps

For the DB Front Rack Walking Lunges, every 25 feet = 5 reps/points


Prior to starting this workout, each athlete will need to mark a starting point on the floor, measure out 25 feet and make another mark on the floor at the finishing point. Additionally, intermediate marks must be made at every 5-foot interval, each of which represents 1 rep of the lunge.

This workout begins with the Dumbbells at the start of the 25’ lunge. On the count of 3,2,1 Go!” the athlete will pick up the DB’s and lunge with them for 75 feet. This will require you to turn around and lunge across the 25’ span 3x the DB’s may be set down or held up on the turn around. The athlete will then perform 100 Double unders, 30 Pull ups and 30 Handstand push ups. Continue until all repetitions in the event details above are complete. The score is time recorded to the nearest second. If someone can not complete the event in under 15 mins, score is completed reps


Teens 14-17: Use 35/20 lb Dumbbells
                    Perform hand release push ups instead of                          hand stand push ups
Masters 50+: Use 35/20 lb Dumbbells
                     Perform hand release push ups instead of                           hand stand push ups


Movement Standards

Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunge


-        Each lunge begins with the dumbbells at the shoulders, the feet together, and the athlete standing tall. The dumbbells must be held in the hands over the shoulder and not rested directly on the shoulders.


-        The trailing knee must contact the ground at the bottom of each lunge.


-        The rep ends with the dumbbells still at the shoulders and the athlete standing tall with the hips and knees fully extended.


-        A repetition is complete when both feet have crossed the 5-foot increment line

-        Crossing each 5-foot line is considered 1 repetition



Double Under

-        The rope must pass under the feet twice for each jump

-        The rope must spin forward for the rep to count

Pull up

-        The arms must be fully extended at the bottom at the start

-        At the top, the chin must clear the horizontal plane of the bar

-        Kipping or butterfly pull-ups are all allowed as long as all the requirements are met

Handstand Push ups

-        Hands may be slightly wider than shoulder width
34 inches wide
20 inches deep

-        Full palm must be inside tape. Fingers may be on or just outside taped area. 

-        In the top the arms, hips and legs must be fully extended

-        The heels must also be in contact with the wall in the top

-        Kipping or strict variations are permitted

Hand Release Push Ups

      -   A straight body position must be maintained throughout the push-up. No snaking, sagging or pushing up from the knees is allowed. The elbows must be locked out at the top with the feet no wider than shoulder width

      -   At the bottom, the chest must touch the floor, and the hands must be lifted completely off the ground                               


Monday April 30, 2018.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, MORGAN

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here