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WheelWOD 2018 Open


Seated Division

As Many Reps As Possible:


Seated RX / Scaled

This workout must be done either sitting on box or in wheelchair. 



20 min AMRAP 

8 Slam balls 

10 (5/5) Single Arm Dumbell Hang Clean & Jerk

10/7 Cal Seated Row


RX Men’s Db Weight 35 lbs.  / Women 20 lbs.

Rx Men's Med ball Weight 20 lbs. / Women 14 lbs.


Scaled Men's Db Weight 20 lbs. / Women 10 lbs. 

Scaled Men's Med Ball Weight 14 lbs. / Women 10 lbs.



This workout begins with the athlete seated infront of the med ball. After the call of “3, 2, 1… go,” the athlete will pick up the med ball and begin slam ball reps. After 8 reps are complete, the athlete will move to the dumbbell for hang clean and jerks. The athlete must complete 5 clean and jerks on one arm, then 5 on the other arm. He or she will then move to the rower and pull 10 calories (7 for women). The monitor must read 10 calories (7 for women) before the athlete can move  to the medball to start the next round.

The athlete’s score will be the total number of repetitions completed within the 20-minute time cap. Each calorie completed on the row will be equal to 1 rep. 

Total of 28 reps per round for MEN & 25 reps per round for women.


Workout Standards


The  Single Arm DB Hang Clean & Jerk


The Dumbbell will start on the floor before first rep of each set of 5. The athlete will deadlift the first rep to a hang position. Bottom of the hang position is arm at side arm fully extended. The Db will then be leaned up into position and touch 1 DB head to shoulder before moving to the press finishing directly over head. The Db must be lifted over head in 2 motions.  (Clean then Press) 


Athletes must complete 5 reps on one arm arms before moving to opposite arm. athlete may not alternate arms until a 5 successful reps are achieved.



Rx Athletes Only: During the DB reps the athlete may not touch chair/ wheel or box with opposite arm to brace. The opposite arm must be clear of any contact during the full rep. At top of press the arm must be fully locked out over the top of the athletes body. Athlete may not brace arm against chair or wall for balance.


Slam Balls


Athlete will start facing the ball, Athlete will pick ball up of floor for intial rep. Athlete may lift ball to lap to over head or directly from floor to over head. The top of the rep the athlete must have ball, locked out over head shoulders over hips sitting tall. If the ball is out front or shoulders are not over hip the rep will be considered no good. at the bottom of the rep the athlete MAY slam the ball and catch off the bounce and and start next rep from the catch.


Seated Calorie Row


During set up of Concept 2 Rower: Athlete must remove the seat rower arm. All rows must be completed from a seated position.  Calories must be completed as identified before moving on to next exercise.

Legs can not be used during row at any time. Athletes MAY NOT strap feet into rower.




No tie Break for this workout.






Dumbbell of appropriate weight for your division*†

 Rower that counts calories, similar in type and calibration to a Concept2 rower

 Med ball that is the appropriate weight for your division.



* Kilogram dumbbells cannot be used by athletes competing in the U.S. or Canada. If you are using adjustable dumbbells, the largest plates allowed are standard-sized 10-lb. (5 kg) metal change plates (9 inches in diameter). When the dumbbell is at rest, the bottom of the handle cannot be more than 4 inches off the ground. Any athlete using an unconventional or unmarked dumbbell will need to confirm the weight of the dumbbell on a scale and clearly show the height of the handle with a ruler or measuring tape in their video submission. Kettlebells, fat bells or other non-traditional dumbbells are not allowed unless cleared for reason of missing limb cleared with wheelwod directly by email.




The official weight is in pounds. For your convenience, the minimum acceptable weights in kilograms are 22.5 kg (50 lb.), 15 kg (35 lb.), 10 kg (20 lb.) and 5 kg (10 lb.).


For each workout, be sure the athlete has adequate space to safely complete all the movements. Clear the area of all extra equipment, people or other obstructions.


Any athlete who in any way alters the equipment or movements described in this document or shown in the workout standards video may be disqualified from the competition.




Video Submission Instructions


Video is not required with each open submission. For Rx athletes you will be asked to submit 2 videos of our choice if you finish in the top 15 in your division. At any time you may be asked to submit a video to verify your score during the open and it is at WheelWOD’s discretion on this decision. Any request to have an athletes video reviewed must come in a formal request with reason why to




Video Submission Standards

Prior to starting, film the dumbbell to be used so the weight and plate size as well as Med ball Weight can be seen clearly. All video submissions should be uncut and unedited in order to accurately display the performance. A clock or timer, with the running workout time clearly visible, should be in the frame throughout the entire workout. Shoot the video from an angle so all exercises can be clearly seen meeting the movement standards. Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected due to the visual distortion these lenses cause.




If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, CHRISTOPHER

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here