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The Fall Series Throwdown 2017 (Online Qualifier)


WORKOUT 01 FOR TIME 27-21-15-9 Calories Row Alternated Kettlebell Snatch Overhead Squat TIME CAP: 15 MINUTES

Workout Standards

LOADS ALL CATEGORIES: Kettlebell: men 24kg / women 16kg Barbell: men 40Kg / women 30Kg SCORE: THE TIME USED TO COMPLETE THE WOD If you don't finish within the Time Cap, add one second to the time cap for every rep missing to 216 Reps. Example: 194 rep done @ time cap = 22 reps missing Score is: 15:00 + 22" = 15:22 FOR TEAMS THE SCORE IS THE SUM OF THE TIME DONE BY THE SINGLE COMPONENTS OF THE TEAM Video submission standards: read carefully Prior to starting your WOD: - Video the kettlebell, the bumpers and the barbell so the loads can be clearly seen - A clock or a timer, with the running workout time, must be always visible in the frame throughout the entire workout. Use of Timer Apps or superimposed timers is accepted but not encouraged. - Concept2 ErgData software can be used on condition that it is always in the frame during the rowing phase. - Shot video from an angle so that all the exercises can be clerarly seen meeting the movements standards Follow the instructions on the video about valid movements. Completed workout must be posted within 23:59 of October 8th, 2017


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, Comp Corner

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