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CanWest CrossFit® Championship 2020 Online Qualifier


Event #1: Burpee DT

For time: 20 Minute Time Cap

1 Round of DT 155/105lb
40 Bar Facing Burpees
1 Round of DT 155/105lb
30 Bar Facing Burpees
1 Round of DT 155/105lb
20 Bar Facing Burpees
1 Round of DT 155/105lb
10 Bar Facing Burpees
1 Round of DT 155/105lb

1 Round of DT =
12 deadlifts – 9 hang power cleans – 6 shoulder to overhead


Workout Variations:

Intermediate/Masters 55-59: 115/75lb
Scaled/Teens 14-15/Masters 60+: 95/65lb

Workout Standards

Event Description:

With the athlete standing TALL at the call of 3,2,1.. Go! The athlete will begin by performing one round of the hero workout “DT”: 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 shoulder to overhead. After completing the sixth shoulder to overhead, the athlete can begin 40 bar facing burpees. Once the burpees are complete, you must complete another full round of DT before moving on to the next set of 30 burpees, and so on. The score is your time after the completion of the sixth shoulder to overhead or completed reps at the 20-minute time cap.

Movement Standards:


  • This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed.
  • Beginning with the barbell on the floor, the athlete lifts the bar until the hips and knees are at full extension, and the head and shoulders are behind the bar.
  • The arms must be straight throughout the rep. Bouncing the barbell off the ground is permitted at any time. If the athlete chooses to drop the bar from the top, they must allow the bar to settle before picking it up again.

Hang Power Clean

  • The barbell must be deadlifted first before engaging in any pulling movement and must clearly stop at the hip.
  • The barbell must be received in the front rack position in one motion from the hang position.
  • The bar must stay above the knee during the execution of a hang power clean. Full extension of the hips and knees must be achieved with the bar in the front rack position for the rep to count.

Shoulder to Overhead

  • Each rep begins with the barbell on the shoulders and finishes with the weight fully locked out overhead.
  • A shoulder press, push press, push jerk or split jerk may be used, if the elbows, shoulder, hips and knees are fully extended. The bar must finish directly over the body with the feet in line.
  • Using a rack is not permitted and the barbell may never come to the back rack.

Barbell Facing Burpee

  • Athletes must use a barbell with 18-inch plates.
  • Burpees must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell.
  • Athletes may jump or step back to reach the bottom position. Chest and thighs must tough the ground with the head behind the barbell. Hands and feet must remain within the width of the plates.
  • Stepping and/or jumping back to the starting position are permitted. Athletes must jump over the barbell using a two foot take off. Single leg jumping or stepping over the bar is not permitted.
  • Scaled/Teens14-15/Masters60+ may choose the step over the barbell.

Pound to Kilogram Conversion:

155/105lb → 70/47.5kg
115/75lb   → 52/34kg
95/65lb     → 43/29kg

Video Standards:

If you are intending to qualify for the Main Event you will be asked for a video submission at the conclusion of the qualifier. To avoid having to redo a workout, please ensure you film your workouts at the time of completion. If you have a Smartphone, the app “WodProof” is highly recommended. A clock or timer with the running workout time clearly visible should be in the frame throughout the entire workout. Shoot the video from an angle so all exercises can be seen clearly meeting the movement standards. Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected due to the visual distortion these lenses cause. Please be sure you have enough battery life, memory and time to upload your video. You may need to increase the limit on your YouTube in order to allow a longer video. If an athlete qualifies to compete on-site at the CanWest, they will be asked to submit workouts chosen by The CanWest Judges team.



If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, MORGAN

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here