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Each athlete has 30 Minutes to Reach a 1 Rep Push Pull Max Combo
- Bench Press Max
- Deadlift Max
Combine both weights for Total Score
Athletes must rack their own weights for both movements
Athletes may receive a Lift Off on the Bench Press
* There is NO SCALING for this WOD, Athletes must perform both lifts to the best of the abilities

Workout Standards

Each Athlete must complete a 1 Rep Push Pull Max Combo within the 30 minute timer. Athletes will receive 3 Attempts in Each Lift. The combined score of the heaviest lifts in both lifts will be the athletes Total Score. Once the Timer starts the Athletes may warm up as much as they want in both lifts and when they are ready they will go for Attempt #1 in Both Lifts, then they will move on to Attempt #2 in Both Lifts, and finally finishing with Attempt #3 in Both Lifts.
Athletes may choose to perform the Bench Press 1st & Deadlift 2nd or they may choose to perform the Deadlift 1st & the Bench Press 2nd, it is the athletes choice. The only requirement is that you perform one lift of each, you may not complete all 3 lifts in the Bench Press before starting the Deadlift or ViceVersa. Athlete may choose to warm up as long as needed before making their attempts, however warm ups and lifts must be completed within the 30 minute Timer.

Standard for Bench Press:
Athletes may receive a Lift Off so that their arms are locked out at the top of the movement before starting and then they may proceed to lower the bar down and it MUST touch their chest before pressing to complete lock out at the top of the movement. No pause is required on the chest. Feet must remain on the ground at all times and butt may not come off the bench during the lift. If any daylight appears between the glutes and the bench, it is ruled as a NO LIFT. Athletes must reach full lockout at the top of the movement, unassisted before sitting the barbell back down in the racked position, any violation of this rule, will constitute a No Lift!

Standard for Deadlift:
Athletes must start with their barbell resting on the ground, they may then proceed to lift the barbell off the ground into a full locked out position at the top. Both knees and hips must be locked and shoulders behind the bar for it to be considered a Completed Lift. If the knees or hips do not reach full lock out or the shoulders are not behind the barbell, it will be ruled as a No Lift! Deadlifts must be completed with a Conventional Style, No Sumo Deadlifts will be accepted.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, TERRY

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here