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2ND WOD UP, BERLIN? #4 Online Qualification Workout is a Team Workout with movements done synchronised* and for time.


100 SYNCHRONISED KB FRONT RACK BOX STEP OVERS when pairs alternate after completing each rep

during which one pair is holding a PLANK


* Mixed Teams work at the same time.

Male athletes use 9 kg Medicine ball, 24 kg Kettlebell, 24'' Box and female athletes use 6 kg Medicine ball, 16 kg Kettlebell and 20'' Box.



For workout movement standard go to ->

Workout Standards

Workout 19.2 begins with a running clock from the 0-minute mark and continues to run until the last wall ball shot is completed.

Mixed pairs start with box step overs holding the kettlebell in a front rack position. After completing 100 step overs, the team will move the boxes to the side and one mixed pair will start to hold plank, while the other mixed pair begins the burpees over their partner. The workout will finish with 60 synchronised wall ball shots, where the athlete switch happens while the ball is in the air. For each drop, the team will receive 5 penalty burpees.

Synchronised Kettlebell Box Step Overs

Synchronised kettlebell step-overs begin with both feet on the ground and kettlebells held in front rack position; no other position is allowed.

Mixed pairs will do a step over the box and then another step over to return to the starting position. Only if the first pair returned to starting position, the other pair start to do the step over and step over back.

One rep is step over and step back.

Alternate after each completed rep, so each athlete should do all together 50 box step over and back. 

The rep will be counted when both athletes extend their hips on the box before doing the step down and bothathletes’ feet touch the ground on the opposite side.

Synchronised Burpees Over Partner

One mixed pair can do as many burpees over the partner as they want, before pairs switch. It is important that only one pair works, while the other pair holds a plank.

To make the rep count, both athletes have to touch the floor with their chest and do the jump over at the same time.

Synchronised Wall Balls

For the wall balls, the medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat position, hips below the knee, and thrown to hit the target.

One mixed pair does the wall balls for as many reps as they want, before pairs switch. They can switch as they want, but the ball cannot fall on the floor and also cannot be given to the other team.

If the ball falls, all athletes have a 5 burpee penalty.


Requirements for video submission

Team Captains are responsible for uploading videos to YouTube as well as meeting the filming and movement standards. The Team Captain should make sure that the correct YouTube video link and time is submitted.

Each workout should start with the athlete saying his/her name, Team Name, and showing the equipment used in the workouts. Workout equipment should also be shown at the end of theworkout.

Athletes should be seen in the camera at all times. A judge is required for each workout so the athletes ensure they are meeting movement standards and counting reps correctly.

Each no rep will receive 2 sec penalty time. Athlete will also receive a penalty of 10 seconds if they do not use the camera set up as shown in the example graphic, do not say their name, team name and division, do not film equipment before and after the workout and/or the movement standards cannot be clearly seen.

One video should uploaded on YouTube. Also one score should be put in Competition Corner.

The score submission deadline for 19.2 is July 26th.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, WOD UP

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here