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The Glasgow Classic



Workout Standards


19.4 A

The athlete may make as many attempts of the 1 rep max thruster as they like, within the 3 minute window. Once the bar has been pulled from the floor, the lift is considered to be in process and the repetition will stand if the attempt is successfully executed; even if the time elapses whilst the bar is in motion. The bar must clearly be in motion off the floor before the clock times out in order for the repetition to be valid.

At the close of the 3 minute window for the thruster attempt there is a 1 minute rest interval, during which time the bar should be rolled out of the way and the skipping rope and dumbbell set up for 19.4 B.

19.4 B

At the close of the 1 minute rest interval, the athlete immediately begins to complete as many rounds and reps as possible of 20 alternating arm dumbbell snatches and 50 double unders in the remaining 8 minutes before the workout cap.

At the end of the workout, the heaviest successfully executed thruster weight from part A; and the total number of repetitions completed in part B should be noted for scoring.

Video Set Up Guidance

Set up the camera at right angles to the position of the barbell, dumbbell and skipping rope in such a way that all of these movements may be viewed in profile. It will help to face the same direction for all 3 movements


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, GLASGOW

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