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The Glasgow Classic


Workout Standards


The workout begins with the athlete stood under the bar in the pull up rig. At the start of the timer clock, and not before, the athlete may jump up and begin the toes to bar.

Upon completing the thirty toes to bar, the athlete advances to the cleans at the first loading increment. Once they have finished all fifteen repetitions of the cleans, they will advance to complete fifteen over the bar burpees and then progress to the second round. In this workout, the gymnastic movement becomes progressively more complex at the end of each round, whilst the loading for the cleans is also increased. The number of repetitions remains constant in every round.

The second round of the workout is completed as per the first, but with chest to bar pull ups in place of the toes to bar and an increase to the loading on the barbell.

The final round of the workout is completed as per the second round but with bar muscle ups in place of the chest to bar pull ups and a further increase to the loading on the barbell.

Throughout the workout the athlete may receive assistance in loading the barbell and the use of multiple barbells is not permitted.

At the end of each round, immediately after the burpees are completed, the time should be recorded. The clock should count up toward the time cap for ease of scoring.

Video Set Up Guidance

Set up the barbell parallel to the bar on the pull up rig and record the video in such a way as to view both the cleans and gymnastic movements in profile. A slight angle off parallel to the two bars should be used for the camera placement so that the elbows may be seen clearly locked out over the bar during the bar muscle ups.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, GLASGOW

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