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The Dutch throwdown buddy edition


Workout 2

8 minutes for max weight (in kg)

Rx, Advanced, Scaled, Teens 14-17

Athlete A: 1 rep max Clean (from 0-4 minutes)

Athlete B: 1 rep max Jerk (from 4-8 minutes)

Workout Standards

Flow of the workout

The workout starts with athlete A performing the clean. After 3, 2, 1 GO athlete A has until 4:00 the time to perform a 1RM clean. When the clock hits 4:00 athlete B can start performing the jerk. The lifts must be finished within the time cap in order to count as a rep. Athlete B is allowed to use a rig for the lift but it’s not mandatory. Jerk Blocks are NOT ALLOWED.

Both athletes may use their own bar and it is allowed to be loaded before the workout.

During the workout only athlete A and B are allowed to load the bar.

When the athlete drops the bar, he and his buddy are responsible for getting the bar back in the rig.

After the workout, make sure you film the bar and the plates which have been used.

The score on this workout is the total weight of the heaviest successful attempt of both athletes.

Great lifts are save lifts! Go heavy but make sure you get home


Movement Standards


This can be a power clean or a squat clean.

The bar is in front of the athlete. The athlete picks up the bar and brings it to the front rack position in one smooth movement. The elbows are in front of the bar and the knees and hips are fully extended before the bar leaves the front rack position. Dropping the bar to soon results in a no rep.


This can be a push jerk or a split jerk. The bar can be lifted from the rig. The bar is in the front rack position. The athlete dips and drives the bar and will catch the bar in the overhead position. The bar is overhead, the feet are underneath the body and knees, hips and arms are fully extended. The athlete shows control of the bar. Not placing the feet back underneath the body after a split jerk will result in a no rep. Not showing control over the bar and dropping it will result in a no rep.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, JOOST

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here