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Northern California Classic 2019 Online Qualifier



7:00 AMRAP:

5 to 1 

Squat Clean (225/155)

Ring Muscle Ups


7:00 AMRAP:

5 to 1 

Squat Clean (135/95)

Jumping Ring Muscle Ups

Workout Standards

Part B runs the same as Part A, with two same sex partnerships starting the workout simultaneously, but performing it separately.  Both partnerships begin with 5 squat cleans, alternating as necessary.  Once the 5 cleans are completed, one athlete will move to the rings while the other holds the weight in front rack position.  Ring muscle ups will only be counted while the bar is in front rack.  Athletes may alternate at any time to complete the work.  Once 5 ring muscle ups are completed, teams will move back to the bar and perform 4 squat cleans, followed by 4 ring muscle ups.  Once teams have completed rounds of 3, 2, and 1, they go back to the round of 5 and restart the workout.  

Score for the team is the total combined reps of each partnership. 

Squat Clean Standards:

Bar must start on the ground and travel to the front rack position in one fluid movement.  The lift must pass through a full squat at the bottom with the hip crease clearly below the knee.  The athlete must show control with full extension of the knee and hip.  A power clean + front squat is not permitted. 

Ring Muscle Up Standard:

The movement starts with arms extended and feet off the ground and is completed with the athlete in support with elbows locked above the rings.  Athletes must pass through at least a portion of a dip and the feet shouldn't rise above the rings.

Jumping Ring Muscle Up Standard

Athletes must adjust the rings so that the top of the ring is eye level.  The movement begins with the arms straight and the athletes head below the rings, and is completed with the athlete in support above the rings.  No dip is required.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, BLAIR

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