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Walters Cup Throwdown 2019 Qualifiers


For time:
One partner is planking with hands right under shoulders and the arms kept straight, while the butt is on shoulder height.

Other buddy starts with:

3000m Row

50 Front Squats 
RX 60/45kg
Intermediate 50/35kg 
Scaled 40/20

100 Box Jumps 

RX and Intermediate: box jumps
Scaled: must do box step ups ( allowed to step down or jump down)

When the buddy drops out planking, partner has to switch!

When the clocks starts counting:

1 Buddy sits on the rower with feet strapped on the rower and hands NOT on the handles while 1 Buddy is in planking position.

Workout Standards

Set the clock counting up until 21 minutes.

When the clocks starts counting:

1 Buddy sits on the rower with feet strapped on the rower, hands NOT on the handle and 1 Buddy is in the planking position.

You have to use 1 rower, but you are allowed to use 2 barbells if needed.

You need to finish the total 3000 meters on the rower, before moving on to the Front Squats.

Finsh the 50 Front Squats (Squat Clean is allowed for the first rep) hips under knees in down position and finish the rep with knees and hips extented while elbows are in front of the barbell, before moving to the 100 Box Jumps/Steps: jump or step up with both feet on the box and extend the hips before stepping or jumping of the box.

Both buddies are doing the reps together, so it doesn't matter who is doing more reps of a certain exercise.

However: both buddies need to plank at least once.

Your score is the time on the clock after you've completed the 100 box jumps ( or scaled: steps).

If you didn't complete the workout on 21 minutes, write down your reps as your score.

For example: Your score is 3075 when you've completed 3000 m row, 50 front squats and 25 box jumps together with your buddy in 21 minutes.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, MARCHA VAN GLAANEN

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here