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RFA Games - Israel Throwdown Qualifiers



3 Rounds for Time:

24 Double Dumbell Box Step Overs @ 22.5/15kg and @ 60/50cm

36/28 Calorie Row



Men, Teams Men, Master Men 35-39, 40+, Boys 16-17: 22.5kg Dumbells, 60cm box

Boys 14-15: 15kg Dumbbells, 50cm box, 36 calories

Women, Teams Women, Masters Women 35-39, 40+, Girls 15-17: 15kg Dumbells, 50cm box

Workout Standards

Workout Standards:

Athletes will start with DBs on the floor. At the start of the clock the athlete may pick up the DBs and start the workout.

The athlete must show the C2 screen showing calories at 0 before starting the row portion. The judge may reset the screen for the athlete.

Time is concluded when the athlete completes the amount of calories required at the end of the 3rd round.



2 Dumbells at weights of 22.5 or 15 kilos.

1 Box

1 C2 Rower


Movement Standards:

Box Step Over:

Neither Dumbell may touch the box. The athlete does not need to stand up straight on top of the box. The athlete may NOT rest the DBs on the box during or after completing the 24 reps. Both feet need to make contact on the top of the box before moving to the other side. The athlete can either side step or step up facing the box. The dumbells may not be rested or held on the shoulders, they must be beside the body. 


The athlete must sit before taking the rowing handle. The athlete must show the calorie count at 0 before starting his/her row. And show when the 36/28 calories are done. The athlete may not get up from the seat until the screen shows 36/28 calories in order to finish the round. Once finished with the last rounds the athlete must show the screen to the camera showing the designated amount.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, RON

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here