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The Berlin Throwdown 2019 - Online Qualifiers


BTD 19.3

3x 3min work / 1min rest
30/22cal row
20 chest to bar pull ups
amrap thrusters

female: 40/35/30kg
male: 60/50/40kg
*score is total repetitions

Workout Standards

RX / Intermediate / Masters

The Berlin Throwdown 2019 Qualifier 3 is: three rounds of row for calories, chest to bar pull ups and thrusters with decreasing weight.

At the call of 3-2-1-Go, the athlete may grab the handle of the erg and start with his first round of row. Female athletes will row 22cal, male athletes 30cal. Make sure to keep the monitor visible on video. Only concept2 ergs are allowed.

The athlete will then continue with twenty chest to bar pull ups. On each chest to bar pull up the athlete must start from a full hang, arms completely locked out. The repetition ends when the chest hits the bar. Any style of pull up is allowed.

After completing the chest to bar, the athlete will then proceed to the barbell and do as many thrusters as he can in the remaining time of the interval. The athlete may start with a squat clean. Each repetition ends with arms, hips and knees fully locked out and the barbell overhead.

Weights are:
1st round: female 40kg // male 60kg
2nd round: female 35kg // male 50kg
3rd round: female 30kg // male 40kg

after each round, the athlete has 1min rest, before starting with the next interval. During the rest, the athlete and his judge may change the weight for the next round.

Your score is the total repetitions you complete within all three intervals. To get your final score, add score of athlete A and athlete B.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, GIANNIS

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here