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The Berlin Throwdown 2019 - Online Qualifiers


BTD 19.1

amrap 15
10 burpee box over 24/20“
20 toes to bar
30 alt. dumbbell snatches 22.5/15kg

*score is total repetitions

Workout Standards

RX  / Intermediate / Masters 35+ / Teens

The Berlin Throwdown 2019 Qualifier 1 is: as many rounds and repetitions as possible in fifteen minutes of ten burpee box over, twenty toes to bar and thirty alternating dumbbell snatches.

At the call of 3-2-1-Go, the athlete may start with his first burpee box over. On each burpee box over, the athletes hips and chest make contact with the ground before jumping or stepping up. The athlete will then continue to jump on the box and will make contact with both feet on the box. The athlete may step down from the box. A step up is not allowed. Full extension on the box is not required.

The athlete will then continue with twenty toes to bar. On each toe to bar the athlete must start from a full hang, with his feet behind the vertical plane of the bar. The repetition ends when both feet touch the bar between the hands of the athlete at the same time.

After completing his toes to bar, the athlete will then proceed to the dumbbell and start his first round of alternating snatches. Each repetition starts with one part of the dumbbell making contact with the floor and ends with the dumbbell in full lock out overhead. The dumbbell must be lifted overhead in one fluid motion. The repetitions must be alternating. The athlete may change hands in whatever fashion.

This workout has a fifteen minute timecap.

Your score is the total repetitions you complete within fifteen minutes.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, GIANNIS

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here