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CanWest Games Online Qualifier



On an 8 Minute Running Clock 

3 Power Cleans @ 185/125lbs
6 Barbell Facing Burpees

--1 Minute Rest--

6 Power Cleans @ 135/85lbs
6 Barbell Facing Burpees

--1 Minute Rest--

9 Power Cleans @ 95/65lbs
6 Barbell Facing Burpees

Elite Individuals/Masters 35-39, 40-44,45-49/Teens 16-17
185/125lb--> 84/57kg
135/85lb--> 60/39kg
95/65lb---> 43/30kg

Masters 50-54, 55+/Intermediate Individuals:
165/115lbs--> 75/52kg
115/75lbs--> 52kg/34kg
85/55lbs--> 39/25kg

Teens 14-15/Scaled Individuals:
135/85lbs--> 60/39kg
95/65lbs--> 43/30kg
75/55lbs--> 34/25kg


Workout Standards

Workout Notes:
**please note the submission deadline of 7PM Mountain Standard Time
*score is total reps completed
*you can have help unloading and loading the bar
*you may also choose to set up 3 different barbells

Event Description:
Athletes will begin standing in front of the barbell. On the call of 3,2,1 Go athletes will begin the event. Performing the first two-minute AMRAP of power cleans and barbell facing burpees. Followed by a one-minute rest. The athlete can have helpers to change the barbell load or can set up 3 bars preloaded. After the one-minute rest the second two-minute AMRAP begins. Once the two minutes have elapsed, there will be another one-minute rest. Then the final two-minute AMRAP will commence. Your score is the sum of all repetitions completed during the AMRAPs.


Movement Standards:

Power Clean:

-  The bar must start on the ground and be lifted to the shoulders will elbows clearly in front of the barbell. The knees and hips must be fully extended at the top of each rep.

-  Power or muscle variations are acceptable.

-  The athlete must stand completely with their feet together, knees and hips fully extended, and the bar supported on the shoulders with control.

-  Muscle Cleans are permitted.

Barbell Facing Burpee:

-  The athlete must always be facing the barbell when performing their repetition.

-  Elite and Intermediate athletes must perform a two-foot jump back and up for their burpee and a two foot take off over the barbell. You can land anyway you choose.

-  The thigh and chest must make contact on the ground at the bottom of each repetition.

-  Masters 50+ and Scaled individual athletes may choose to perform a step back and step up variation for their burpee. Single leg jumping or stepping over the barbell is permitted. Again, landing anyway you choose.

-  The athletes head must not be over the barbell.

-  The repetition is scored when both feet land on the opposite side of the barbell.

Video Standards:

If you are intending to qualify for the Main Event you will be asked for a video submission at the conclusion of the qualifier. To avoid having to redo a workout, please ensure you film your workouts at the time of completion. If you have a Smartphone, the app “WodProof” is highly recommended. A clock or timer with the running workout time clearly visible should be in the frame throughout the entire workout. Shoot the video from an angle so all exercises can be seen clearly meeting the movement standards. Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected due to the visual distortion these lenses cause. Please be sure you have enough battery life, memory and time to upload your video. You may need to increase your limit on YouTube in order to allow a longer video.

If an athlete qualifies to compete on-site at the CanWest Games, they will be asked to submit one of the workouts chosen by The CanWest Games Judges team.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, MORGAN

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here