arrow_back Submit Scores for Team Qualifier Workout 2B

Austrian Throwdown 2019 - Qualifier


3 min AMRAP

max reps of 7 unbroken T2B


After the Time Cap of 2A, the athlete continues immediately with part B. Part B is a 3 min Amrap of 7 unbroken T2B. Your score is the total amount of T2B with only completed unbroken sets of 7 add to this count. For example - if you are completing your first set of 7 T2B, your score is 7. If you fail and have to break up your second set you score is 0. The only exception for this is if you are in the middle of your set while reaching the time cap. A set counts as unbroken as long as the athlete is hanging on the bar with his feet off the floor.
Your score is the total number of T2B with unbroken sets.

Workout Standards


A Toes2Bar starts with the athlete hanging from the bar with the heels behind the bar. The end position requires the athlete to touch the bar with both feet at the same time.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, Martin

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