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World Teen Fitness Challenge 2019


25 Bar Facing Burpees
5 Rounds
15 Deadlifts
10 Thrusters
5 Dumbbell Power Snatch's (each arm)


This workout begins with the athlete standing in front of the barbell. After 3, 2, 1, go, the athlete will perform Bar Facing Burpees. After they have performed 25 reps they are to commence the 5 rounds the following. These will start with 15 Deadlifts followed by 10 Thrusters and 10 Dumbbell Power Snatches.

The score for this workout is the total time after the last Snatch.

Workout Standards

Bar Facing Burpee
The burpee must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell. Athletes using an empty barbell or small-diameter plates for the deadlifts will need to set up a second barbell. That barbell must be loaded with standard-height bumper plates for the athlete to jump over. The athlete jumps or steps back to lie on the ground. The athlete’s head must be behind the barbell. The chest and thighs must touch the ground at the bottom. The hands and feet must remain inside the width of the plates at the bottom of the burpee. From this position, the athlete can step or jump to their feet. The athlete must jump over the barbell using a two-foot take-off. Single-legged jumping or stepping over is not permitted. The athlete does not need to land with both feet at the same time. The rep is credited when both feet have touched the ground on the opposite side of the barbell. Before starting the next rep, the athlete must be perpendicular to and facing the barbell.

This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed. Starting at the floor, the barbell is lifted until hips and knees reach full extension with the head and shoulders behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout. No bouncing. A athlete that is using an empty barbell or small-diameter plates is only required to lower the barbell below the knees.

This is a standard barbell thruster in which the barbell moves from the bottom of a front squat to full lockout overhead. The bar starts on the ground. No racks allowed. The hip crease must clearly pass below the top of the knees in the bottom position. A full squat clean into the thruster is allowed when the bar is taken from the floor. If the barbell is dropped from overhead, it must settle on the ground before the athlete picks it up for the next repetition. The rep is credited when the barbell is locked out overhead, with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the middle of the athlete’s body.

Dumbbell Power Snatch

The Dumbbell Power Snatch starts with the dumbbell on the ground and finishes with the dumbbell directly overhead. At the bottom of the movement, BOTH heads of the dumbbell must touch the ground. The dumbbell must be lifted overhead in one motion. Touch-and-go is permitted. Bouncing the dumbbell is not allowed. The non-lifting hand and arm may not be in contact with the body during the repetition. At the top, the arms, hips, and knees must be fully locked out with the dumbbell clearly over the middle of the athlete’s body when viewed from profile. Once the athlete has reached lockout, the repetition will count.


If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, Scott

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here