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ELFIT 2018 Online Qualifier



A) For Time in 12 mins 

200 Double Under

30 Toes to Bar

30 Barbell Front Rack Lunges 60/40 KGs (135/90 lbs)

30 Bar Facing Burpees

B) In remaining time find 1RM of the following complex

   Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Split Jerk


  • Bar Total Weight: 60/40 kgs (135/90 lbs)

Workout Standards

Double Unders
This is a standard double-under in which the rope passes the feet twice on each jump.

Double Unders No Reps

  • Rope doesn’t pass the athletes feet twice

Toes to bar
On each toe to bar the athlete must start from a full hang, with his feet behind the vertical plane of the bar. The repetition ends when both feet touch the bar between the hands of the athlete at the same time.

Toes to Bar No Reps

  • Athletes feet doesn’t touch the bar
  • Athletes feet not touching the bar at the same time
  • Athletes Feet not breaking the vertical line of the bar

Front Rack lunges
Each front rack lunge begins with the weight in a front rack, the feet together, and the athlete standing tall with feet, knees, hips and shoulders in line. As the athlete steps out, the trailing knee must make contact with the ground at the bottom of the lunge. The rep ends with the athlete standing tall with hips, knees and shoulder in line. Lunges must be alternating.Using a Rack is not allowed.

Front Rack Lunges No Reps

  • Athlete doesn’t fully extended knees and hips
  • trailing knee doesn’t touch the floor
  • Lunges weren’t alternating

Bar Facing Burpees
Each repetition of the burpee starts with the athlete touching the floor with chest and thighs, facing the bar, before performing a two footed jump over the bar. A single-footed take off will not count.

Bar Facing Burpees No Reps

  • Full body not touching the ground (Chest – Thighs)
  • Athlete not facing the bar
  • One of the athelets feet takes off the ground

Burpees Note: If the athlete touches the bar during the jump or uses a one foot take off, he or she may repeat the jump over the bar without dropping to the floor for a full burpee.

Squat Clean
The Squat Clean starts with the plates touching the floor. The barbell goes from the ground to a front rack position with the athlete passing through a full squat position. The full squat position is achieved when the hip crease passes below the top of the knees. The lift is completed when the athlete comes to a,standing position with knees and hips fully extended.  Only the feet may touch the ground during the lift.

Squat Clean No Reps

  • Athletes Hipcrease is not below knee

Hang Squat Clean
The barbell begins from the hang position (above the knee) and is taken to the shoulders with elbows in front of the bar. The athlete must pass through a full squat position. The repetition ends with the athlete standing tall with hips and knees extended. Only the feet may touch the ground during the lift.

Hang Squat Clean No Reps

  • Athletes Hipcrease is not below knee

Split Jerk
The rep starts with the athlete standing tall and the barbell in a front rack position. The rep ends when the barbell is fully locked out overhead, with elbows, hips, and knees extended, and the feet in line under the body.

Split Jerk No Reps

  • Athlete not showing control overhead
  • Athletes feet are not in line while showing control overhead
  • A press, push press, push jerk are not allowed





If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, IN THE ZONE

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