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The Fittest Experience 2019 Online Qualifier


For Time:

24 Alternating Single Arm  Dumbbell Overhead Lunges

2 Box Jumps Overs

20 Alternating Single Arm  Dumbbell Overhead Lunges

4 Box Jumps Overs

16 Alternating Single Arm  Dumbbell Overhead Lunges

6 Box Jumps Overs

12 Alternating Single Arm  Dumbbell Overhead Lunges

8 Box Jumps Overs

8 Alternating Single Arm  Dumbbell Overhead Lunges

10 Box Jumps Overs

4 Alternating Single Arm  Dumbbell Overhead Lunges

12 Box Jumps Overs

*8 Min Time Cap



Workout Standards

At the call of 3-2-1 Go, each athlete will bring their dumbbell overhead any way they would like and complete 24 Alternating Dumbbell Overhead Lunges. These lunges will be in place NOT walking lunges. Each step must be forward as no BACKWARDS lunges will be allowed. Each Overhead lunge begins with the dumbbell overhead, the feet together and the athlete standing tall. The knee must make contact with the ground at the bottom of each lunge. The weight must remain overhead for the duration of the repetition. The rep ends with the dumbbell still overhead and the athlete standing tall with the hips and knees fully extended. The athlete must alternate which foot leads for each rep. If at any point, the weight is dropped below head level or comes into contact with the head or body, that rep will not count. There is no requirement on what arm you use when in this workout.

After all 24 reps of the overhead lunges are complete, the athlete will move to their box to complete 2 box jump overs. For the box jump overs, athletes must jump onto or over the box using a two-foot takeoff. There is no requirement to stand tall while on top of the box and athletes may choose to step down or jump down when returning to the ground. The athlete may choose to do their box jumps facing their box or doing lateral jumps. Each rep is counted when the athlete lands on the opposite side of the box. Step Ups are NOT allowed in this workout.

Once 2 Box Jump Overs are complete, the athlete will move back to their dumbbell to complete 20 Overhead lunges and then back to their box to complete 4 box jump overs. The athlete will continue in this fashion until they reach 4 Overhead Lunges and finish with 12 box jump overs.

Your score for 19.5 will be the total time it takes you to complete this workout OR the total number of repetitions completed in 8 minutes.




If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, JESS

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here