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The Fittest Experience 2019 Online Qualifier



10 Toes to Bar

30 Double Unders

15 Toes to Bar

60 Double Unders

20 Toes to Bar

90 Double Unders




Workout Standards

Qualifier 19.3 starts at 6 minutes and it consists of a 7 minute AMRAP that starts with 10 Toes to Bar followed by 30 Double Unders. From there, the rep total will increase on the Toes to Bar by 5 reps and will increase on the Double Unders by 30 reps.  15-60, 20-90, 25-120, etc.

The toes to bar consists of the athlete starting from full hang and starts by bringing the feet behind the bar and finishes with both feet coming into contact with the bar at the same time. If an athlete does not bring their feet behind the bar at the bottom or hits one foot at a time at the top, it will be considered a NO REP.

For the Double Unders, the rope must pass completely under your feet twice in one jump and must spin forward. No Backwards double unders will be allowed.

Your score for 19.3 will be the total repetitions completed in the 7 minutes.




If you have any questions about the workouts and standards, please contact the event organizer, JESS

If you have questions about submitting your score visit the Help Center on how to submit online scores here