Stoic Wars | Teenage Worldwide Championships 2018

Event description

The Teenage Worldwide Championships is a competition designed just for teens!


US$1,000++ prize pool!!


This event has three difficulty levels:

Lion - seriously advanced; push your limits!

Entry fee: US$35


Leopard - for intermediate athletes; challenge yourself!

Entry fee: US$25


Cheetah - for beginners; have a go, have fun!

Entry fee: US$25


Age divisions:

13-14, 15-16, and 17-18.

Athletes will enter based on their age prior to the start of the competition.



This competition will commence on 9th August. A new workout will be released each Thursday at 5:00pm PT for 5 weeks (5 workouts). 

Workouts must be either filmed or validated by a judge*. Scores must be submitted by the following Monday at 5pm PT each week.

*To qualify for prizes, 1st place athletes MUST submit a video.


For any inquiries, please get in touch with the event coordinator Matthew at


This is going to be epic…


Let the wars begin!!