ThriveFit Fest

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

ThriveFit is calling all RX'ish, Scaled & Beginner athletes who enjoy functional fitness for our partner competition. Teams of 2 M/M and F/F. Join us June 9th for a fun day of fitness workouts. We will be having 3 workouts for all competitors in each division, as well as a floater workout. Top 5 in each division will also make it to a final 5th workout. The idea of the event is to make it inclusive to more people and allow newer athletes to take part in a competition without the intensity, stress or worry competitions usually bring. 

All Athletes will recieve a shirt. 
We will have food vendors available.
Sponsors to be announced soon for prizes. 
Althletes can bring lawn chairs, tents and coolers to really enjoy the day.
Well behaved pets will also be permitted on a leash outside.

What does RXish mean? We are inviting the average athlete who want to show of their skills in a competition against other average athletes. The ThriveFit Fest is your time to shine. To help ensure this all competitors that are ranked in the top 500 for men and the top 250 for women in the Open in 2018 this competition is not for you. 

RX'ish Standards

Movements   RX'ish
Rowing   Yes
Running   Yes
Toes To Bar   Yes
Pullups   Yes
Double Unders   Yes
Should To Overhead
  65# / 95#
Thrusters   65# / 95#
Cleans   75# / 115#
Snatches   65# / 95#
Box Jumps   20" / 24"
Wall Balls   14# 9' / 20# 10'
Dumbell's   35# / 50#
Kettle Bell   53# / # 35
Deadlift   95# / #135

Scaled Standards

Movements   Scaled
Rowing   Yes
Running   Yes
Knees 2 Chest   Yes
Pullups   Jumping
Single Unders   Yes
Should To Overhead
  45# / 75#
Thrusters   45# / 75#
Cleans   55# / #95
Snatches   45# / 75#
Box Jumps  
12' / 20' Step Ups Allowed
Wall Balls   10# 9' / 14# 9'
Dumbell's   20# / 35#
Kettle Bell   26# / 35#
Deadlift   75# / 105#

Other information:

-No refunds after the close of registration on 6/3/2018
-No pets allowed inside the buidling
-Lots of parking in front and back of the building
-Contact with any further questions