Swiss Alpine Battle 2018 Online Qualifiers

Online Competition for Teams

Event description


Welcome to the 4th Edition of the Swiss Alpine Battle


Starts: April 6th, 2018

Ends: May 30th, 2018

Online Qualifiers

Q18.1: Individual Workout - Monday May 21st at 8pm till Wednesday May 30th at 9pm

Q18.2: Team Workout - Friday June 1st at 8pm till Saturday June 9th at 9pm

Q18.3: Individual Workout - Monday June 11th at 8pm till Wednesday June 20th 9pm

All times mentioned above are Central European Summer Time (CEST).


Friday 7th to Sunday 9th September, 2018 in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland.


Teams are composed of two members: male/female or male/male. Athletes do not need to be members of the same affiliate. Athletes do not need to be Swiss or live in Switzerland to participate.

Elite - Teams selected for Final

Top 35 Male – Female

Top 35 Male – Male

Master + 40 (athletes in this division must be born before May 21st 1978) - Teams selected for Final

Top 5 Male – Female

Top 5 Male – Male


Why the Swiss Alpine Battle?

The Swiss Alpine Battle (SAB) was born in 2015 with one goal: to create unique experiences and long-lasting memories for athletes, spectators and partners.

Recognized for our professionalism, hospitality and authenticity, we aim at providing:

  • A world-class event with seamless flow
  • An exciting atmosphere for the community and elite athletes
  • Breathtaking scenery where the Swiss Alps become the competition floor
  • Positive relationships for our partners to grow with us

The SAB is a team only competition open to all athletes wanting to test their level of fitness at 1300m altitude, in the heart of the Alps.

Athletes that wish to qualify for and compete at the SAB must upload a video link along with each of their workout score submission whether they train in an affiliate or not.

The SAB Team will evaluate your video if your score is potentially in the top 35 of each WOD (top 5 for Masters). The SAB team reserves the right to correct the scores if needed.

Score and Video Submission:

To make sure the video is valid, please specify your name, the equipment and the weights used during the workout (by showing them in the video) and the score at the end (time or repetitions). It is your responsibility to position the camera so that we can evaluate all the movements and their standards correctly as well as a timer. All video submissions should be uncut and unedited in order to accurately display the performance. We will be extremely rigorous in reviewing the videos and we expect athletes to uphold the highest standards in performing movements.

There are four possible outcomes in the judging and scoring of online video submissions:

Good Video: The athlete meets the required movement standards on all repetitions in the workout, and the score they posted is correct. Their score will be accepted.

Valid with Minor Penalty: Over the course of the video, the athlete demonstrates 1 to 4 “no-reps” that may be removed from the athlete’s final score as required. This penalty is used for video submissions for which the score needs to be adjusted by fewer than 5 reps. If the score is posted in the form of a time, the total time to complete the workout will be adjusted accordingly.

Valid with Major Penalty: Over the course of the video, the athlete demonstrates 5 or more “no-reps.” In this case, the score may be modified by subtracting 15 percent from the total rep count. If the score is posted in the form of a time, the total time to complete the workout will be adjusted accordingly.

Invalid: Over the course of the video, the athlete fails to complete the workout as required, a significant and unacceptable number of reps performed are “no-reps” or the video does not contain the criteria listed in the video submission standards. The athlete’s score will be rejected.

No late submissions will be accepted.


Is my registration/ticket transferrable? No your registration is not transferrable.

Is my registration/ticket refundable? No your registration is not refundable.

For more info, visit the Swiss Alpine Battle Website