No Pressure Open

Olympic Weightlifting Event

Event description


This is a non-sanctioned weightlifting meet for those who want to experience a competition setting without all the trappings (and expenses) of an official USAW meet. Great for first-timers as well as anyone who wants practice in a fun, relaxed competition setting.
The meet format/rules are based mostly on official USAW/IWF rules. For example:
  • Each lifter will have 3 attempts at the snatch, 3 attempts at the clean & jerk. 
  • A lifter's best snatch and best clean & jerk will be combined to derive their total for the day.
  • Each new attempt will be governed by a 1 minute countdown clock; 2 minutes in the case of a lifter who is following himself or herself.
  • All international technical standards will be honored (no press-outs on snatches or jerks, elbows may not touch knees in the clean, knees may not touch the platform, etc.).
We will relax certain rules for the sake of convenience. For example:
  • USAW membership is not required
  • Singlets are not required
  • We may opt for 1 judge rather than 3

Waxman's Gym retains the right to modify any of the event format/rules at any time if deemed beneficial for the event.

Registration Categories:
All lifters will register in the Open category. We will not have separate competition categories for Youth, Juniors, or Masters. As feasible, we will conduct separate sessions for Men and Women. All lifts will be conducted using standard Men's (20kg) or Women's (15kg) competition bar. 
Event/Session Schedule
The meet will run from approx 8 am until approx 6 pm. Lifters will be grouped into sessions, tentatively scheduled at 9 am, 11:30 pm,  2:00pm, and 4:15 pm (subject to change depending on groupability of event registrants). Any given lifter will participate only in one of these sessions (to be determined by Waxman's Gym). Weigh-ins for each session will be conducted approx 1-2 hours before the session starts. As soon as we have a complete registrant list, we will publish groupings and lifting schedule.   
We will not crown event winners. We will not provide fancy awards. We will cheer for you. If you make your lifts, we'll cheer even louder. We'll thank you profusely for coming, tell you what a great job you did, and invite you to return. If that's not winning, what is?
Waxman's Gym
15701 Condon Ave, B4
Lawndale, CA 90260
Refund policy
Note: No refunds will be provided under any circumstances. If you register but are unable to attend, please contact us - we may be able to substitute a lifter from the wait list.