East Coast Open

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The East Coast Open

A maritimes kitchen party!

Filled with competition, we are focued more on having a good time and showing the world how much fun we have in the Maritimes!

Get your spouse, sibling, friend, neighbour, co-worker or a complete stranger and get ready to push yourselves!

Divisions are RX, Masters (35+), Scaled and Ice Breaker

Each Division has Male/Male, Female/Female and Mixed categories

Registration is $200 (plus tax) per team

This includes 5 Workouts plus a Final, a shirt and potential prizes.

Prizes will be for Top Teams, Spirit Award and Random Draws throughout the competition.

There will be free parking on site.

Please no Alcohol or Pets on site.

And please clean up after yourself, there will be a lot of people and we need to keep the site clean and safe for everyone.

No Refunds