n00bfest 2018

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

n00bfest is back in 2018 for its' 4th year!
n00bfest is a beginner-friendly partner competition designed for first-time competitors. Competitors will be challenged to 3 tough events that include moderate weights and basic skills. You won't see any heavy Olympic lifts or advanced gymnastics. 
This competition is perfect for the beginner/intermediate athlete looking to test their abilities in a fun, high energy environment. 
2 guys or 2 gals per team, and only one FUN division! 
*** Our shirt order will go out on March 9, so make sure to register your team by then to guarantee an event T shirt!
A) 4 min to establish 1RM Thruster 
Rest 2 min
Thruster, for total pounds (weight x reps)
* A) Both athletes will share one platform/one barbell. Athletes will have 4 minutes to establish a 1RM Thruster. Any number of attempts may be made. The bar will start on the ground. Athletes may squat clean or power clean the barbell and perform a thruster, reaching full squat depth and controlled lock out at the top. Clips must be used. Score is max weight lifted. 
B) Athletes will load their barbell with a chosen weight and perform 4 minutes of max thrusters. Athletes may perform the thrusters in whatever sets/reps they choose. The barbell must return to the ground at the completion of each athletes set, and athletes must face forward during their reps. Score is total pounds lifted. 
For time (12 min cap)
3/2 Rope climbs, 12'
12 T2B
20 G2O 75/53
3/2 Rope climbs, 12'
12 T2B
16 G2O 95/63
3/2 Rope climb, 12'
12 T2B
12 G2O 115/73
3/2 Rope climb, 12'
12 T2B
8 G2O 135/83
3/2 Rope climb, 12'
12 T2B
4 G2O 155/103
* Both athletes work to complete all reps, with one athlete working at a time. Athletes are responsible for loading their barbells. Clips must be used. 
For time:
A) 15-12-9 
DB Snatch, 35/25#
Burpee over DB
B) 15-12-9
Wall Ball, 20/14#
Box Jump, 24/20"
C) 15-12-9
Russian KBS, 53/35 
Assault Bike Calories
D) 15-12-9
Sandbag Squat
Ball Slam, 25/15#
This workout consists of four separate parts. Athletes may break up the workload however they wish, but one athlete must complete an entire couplet (Part A, B, C, D) before moving on to the next couplet. For example, Athlete 1 will perform couplets A and C, and Athlete 2 will perform couplets B and D.