Muskoka Muscle - Affiliate Promo Battle

Virtual Competition for Teams

Event description

Hello Athletes!! Its GO TIME!!

FREE registration. Competition runs until February 18th. We are pitting your local gyms and/or affiliates into an online battle royale! With the Open on the horizon, we would like to get you all pumped up! What better way to get you warmed up than an online Box vs Box competition.

Here is how the Online Mini Comp will work:

Get your teams of 4 together (2 male, 2 female). Set up a camera, show us the weights/equipment you are using and make sure a timer clock is in view during the workout.

Upload your video to Youtube and add it to your competition corner submission. Also, post your link on the Muskoka Muscle facebook event page and see how your team stacks up against other affiliates!

Want to hear the best part??

The winning team will receive a SPECIAL 30% off promo code for their entire Affliate for the one of the largest competitions of the summer!!! SAY WHAT!?

With that being said, get your team together and get that workout in fast! Show us what you got! Registration is open until the final day of submission. See information on the workout below:

The Movement Standards video is located in the tab above

A few notes to adhere to:

M/F Pairs - All Synchronized (For Time)

50 Kettlebell Squat Cleans (2x25lb for Females / 2x35lb for Males)
50 Kettlebell Facing Burpees (Step-up/downs allowed)
50 Kettlebell Squat Cleans (2x25lb for Females / 2x35lb for Males)
50 Kettlebell Facing Burpees (Step-up/downs allowed)

*Partners can switch at any time. Ensure that a running clock is in view at all times. We suggest that you have a judge to ensure your reps are sufficient. Every failed rep equates to a 5 second penalty.

The following standards apply:

1) KB Squat Cleans (synchronized)
- Athletes must be fully extended at the top 
- Athletes can swing kbs to shoulders or start from ground
- Synchro is taken at the bottom of the squat, so wait for partner to arrive at the bottom of the squat before both standing up

2) KB Facing Burpees (synchronized)
- Athletes must perform a 2 foot synchronized take-off over the kb
- Athletes must face the KB when dropping for your burpee
- Athletes must be synchronized at bottom of the burpee, so wait for your partner on the ground and come up together.
- Step ups and step downs are allowed for the burpees

Partners can tag off at any time. Both Partners have to tag off.

Good Luck!