Warrior Affiliate League - Deuces Wild (MM or FF) 2-person Team Competition

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Dueces Wild duo team competition (MM or FF)

When: Saturday, April 14th. 8AM-2PM

Where: Sierra Vista High School, Baldwin Park, CA

Deuces Wild is a 2-person, same gender (MM or FF), functional fitness team competition for athletes of all skill levels. Proceeds to benefit the SVHS AVID program that assists student's college application fees, as well as assist costs for school campus visits. $10 parking fee (cash only).

Whether your are new to CF, or a veteran ter, this event is for YOU!    Grab a friend and build your ultimate team duo. Register early, this event will sell out fast.

Registration: $150 per team, plus processing fees. 

 Entry fee covers: Team entry fee for 2 persons, 5 separate scored events, (2) exclusive athlete event shirts, sponsor goodies at check-in, access to a huge vendor village, and an opportunity to prove your fitness in front of family, friends, and the largest crowds in Southern California with massive prize packs for podium teams!

DIVISIONS:  Advanced/Rx, Intermediate, FUN.  


One person registers and pays for the team (team captain). Have team members' names, emails, shirt sizes, birthdates, etc. available when registering. Ladies - please indicate if your choose a Women's tank top or Men's T-shirt.

Don't know which division to sign up for? No problem. Changes can be made online any time prior to March 31, 2018. Questions? Email info@warrioraffiliateleague.com

For event description and movement standards, visit:  www.WarriorAffiliateLeague.com

Event 1 - "TEXAS HOLD 'EM"
For Time (7 minute cap)
30 Clean & Jerk
30 Front Squat
A2: D-ball bear hug hold**
A1: barbell movements**
**Athletes may switch anytime
Rx 155/115, D-ball 150/80
INT 135/85, D-ball 100/60,  FUN 115/65, D-ball 70/50
As many rounds as possible in 3 minutes
50-feet sled pull
50-feet sled push
**weights to be announced on day of event. Event 2 will immediately follow Event 1, after 1 minute transitional period.
430-yard shuttle sprint for time 
Event Description: On 3-2-1..GO!! Athlete 1 will sprint 25 yards and back, then 30 yards and back, 40 yards and back, 45 yards and back, and 50 yards and back, then sprint the full length to the finish line. A1 will then tag A2, and A2 will perform shuttle sprint as written. Time will stop once athlete 2 cross finish line. Time cap: 3 minutes
EVENT 4 - "ACES in the HOLE"
Mystery Workout. Details to be announced on day of event. Event 4 will immediately follow Event 3, after 1 minute transitional period.
Event 5 - "FULL TILT" Chipper
For Time (12 minute cap)
30 D-ball bear hug squats
200m D-ball bear hug carry
30 D-ball cleans
200m D-ball bear hug carry
15-yard D-ball walking lunges
200m D-ball bear hug carry
100m D-ball run
Rx 150#/80#,  INT 100#/60#,  FUN 70#/ 50#

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS TO FUTURE EVENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Athlete substitution up until the day of event by having your substitute athlete sign your team waiver on event day.