VBC vs PCF World Championships

Olympic Weightlifting Event

Event description

We are super excited to announce our first annual Venice Barbell Club World Championship event on Saturday, February 10th...VBC vs PCF!

This event will fit into our annual World Championship event series where we host friendly competitions between our facility locations to bring the community together.

The goal is to provide an accessible, motivating and fun environment to introduce more people to the sport of weightlifting and to get as many people to participate as possible:

  • No charge to participate
  • Winner will be the gym that accumulates the most total points.
  • Score will be the total of your best snatch and clean and jerk lifted
  • Strict Olympic Lifting judging standards (or singlet) will not be required.  
  • There will be a score of 3/2/1 points awarded respectively for 1st/2nd/3rd place for each weight class, gender and age group.
  • Age groups will be under 35, 35-44 and 45+ for each weight class