Granite Games Throwdown at CrossFit Lanista

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

To set you up for success when you arrive onsite, here’s what you need to know:

Check- In - All athletes must check in at 6-8pm the night before, or beginning at 7:30am the day of. The first heat will start at 9am. 

Where Am I Going? – Check-in occurs at Lanista, (5120 S Julian Dr, Tucson, AZ  85706)

Parking – There's plenty of parking available.

Come Prepared – You’ll need to provide a valid ID to complete check-in. You'll also want to bring whatever they need (wrap, tape, etc.) for the workouts and any supplements. There will be food trucks and some other food options available to purchase. Water is supplied.

No Take-Backs – Life happens—we totally get that. But please be aware that if you cannot participate in the weekend’s events, we cannot offer a refund for any reason.

Trading Places – You can substitute an athlete up until registration closes on Saturday, February 10th. Please note they will receive the tee/tank ordered by the original participant.