Granite Games 2018 Online Qualifiers

Virtual Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description


Earn a spot to compete at the Granite Games. 

Individual athletes aiming to qualify must finish within a certain ranking during the Online Qualifier. 

At the end of the 3 weeks, we will review the leaderboard and send invites to qualifiying individual athletes.

After the Qualifier, athletes who participated in the Online Qualifier will be able to form Teams of 3. 

  •  Week 1: June 13th - June 18th
  •  Week 2: June 20th - June 25th
  •  Week 3: June 27th - July 2nd 

➤ 1. Who Is The Qualifier For - EVERYONE

Right now, you may be wondering who the Qualifier is for. It’s simple—the Qualifier is for everyone. We built this for everyday athletes with day jobs. The Granite Games celebrates the athlete in us all, and the Online Qualifier is not only a way of coming together as a community, but also step one on the Road to Minnesota for those looking to compete against their peers on a broader scale.

➤ 2.  What Is The Online Qualifier, Exactly?

It’s 3 weeks of testing your fitness within the comfort of your own community. For some, it’s step one to qualifying for the Kill Cliff Granite Games. For others, it’s a pulse check on their current fitness or a way to challenge themselves to push their limits. Still others simply enjoy the camaraderie of the community!

➤ 3. What About The Workouts?

Each workout will have three levels. You will be able to pick the prescribed (RX) workout, intermediate or scaled option. You will be able to pick and choose a different level for every workout. 

➤ 4. Individual Or Team of 3?

For the qualifier everyone begins as an individual. After the three weeks, the top individuals will receive an invite. At that time you will pair up to create your Team of 3. We will use your previous scores to then rank you from the appropriate division onsite. 

➤ 5. When Is the Deadline?

Workouts will be released every Wednesday at 7pm CDT, and video and score submissions will be due for that week on Monday evening at 5pm CDT.