Team Rumble (Singapore)

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The Team Fitness Challenge For All

The Team Rumble is a Team Fitness Competition for Fitness enthusiasts of all ages to test their fitness and compete with the community here in Singapore. The events are one of a kind, designed to expose the strengths and weakensses of all the athletes. This is the first Fitness Competition in Singapore aimed at bridging Fitness for all, from adaptives, youth to masters.

Participation in the Team Rumble is based on teams of 3 of the same gender. There will be a scaled category and a prescribed category (Scaled categories to include further scaling for Seniors, Adaptives and Youth)

The Singapore Team Rumble is organised in conjunction with Music For A Cause. A music based social event to engage charitable organisations. On event ground and post STR, be sure to hang around for an evening of festivities!

Refund policy - there is NO refunds available - however, you are allowed to do substituitionsof members or entire teams.

On Game Day, do bring along any form of identification or competition verification slip. Also bring courage to test your fitness and dig way deep.

There is parking within the SMU vicinity.

If there's any queries, feel free to email us at