CFND Internal Team Throwdown

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Internal Team Throwdown

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

Teams will run a 2-mile relay, switching runners every 200Ms. The relay “baton” is a sweet potato. Every time the potato touches the ground, the whole team must do a 5 burpee penalty.’ Each athlete must run at least ONE 200M run, otherwise the team may break up the 2-mile distance however they see fit.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

Two Athletes may work at a time, one on the jump rope, the other on the 3 RFT. Teams may NOT have two athletes working on the jump rope OR the 3RFT at the same time. 6 minute time cap. Teams must complete 300 Double Unders AND 3 Rounds For Time of: 25 Air Squats 20 Abmat Situps 15 Ring Rows (rings at hip level, feet next to the posts on the rig) 10 Pull Ups Score is the time it takes to complete the workout. It a team does not finish the work out in the 6 minute time cap, their score will be 6 minutes plus one second for every rep not completed for both the double unders and 3RFT

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

AMRAP 12 minutes of 5 burpees to a 25# plate 10 box jumps to (24, 20) two athletes must jump, one athlete may step up 15 KBSs (53, 35, 26) 200M Run When Athlete 1 completes the last KBS, Athlete 2 may begin working. Only one athlete may be working on the burpees, box jumps and kettlebell swings at a time. No restrictions as to how many athletes may be running at a time. Athletes must stay in order.

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

Deadlift, Snatch, Clean lifting ladder. One athlete does each. All athletes may be active at the same time, but must stay in order. For example, athlete 1 starts with deadlifts, athlete 2 starts right after with cleans. Athlete 2 taps out at 125# but athlete 1 clears the weights. Athlete 1 may return to start the ladder again, but must wait until athlete 2 has completed and returned to start before them.