Femme Royale Women's Competition // QUAD

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Femme Royale Women's Competition is switching it up this December... Teams of 4 will compete to be crowned the Fittest in Southern California. 

Femme Royale is an ALL women’s fitness competition.  For women, by women. We believe in lifting others up, versus tearing them down. Getting women to step outside their comfort zones, and confront their fears through competition. We want to create an environment for growth and positive vibes only.

4 Girl Teams
3 Workout Events
2 Divisions FUN & RX
1 Purpose Release Your Inner Lioness

Saturday December 2nd @ Eagle Wing
Open to 30 teams of 4
Cost: $385

Tips: Strategizing Your QUAD Team
Have a specialty – team up with other athletes that are strong in one area that you may be improving upon.
The workouts are designed for you to strategically choose your best teammate(s) to maximize your chances of winning!

Example of a Femme Royale QUAD Team

  • Example Athlete #1: Strong athlete, good conditioning, and gymnastics aka muscle-ups, pull-ups, and burpees.
  • Example Athlete #2: Gymnastics beast, has 5 or more bar muscle-ups, body weight ninja and great conditioning.
  • Example Athlete #3: Relatively great at everything – strength, conditioning, and gymnastics.
  • Example Athlete #4: 1st time competing, good motor, decent gymnastics – can do 5 consecutive pull-ups, and kills burpees.


  • You could just pick your favorite gal pals and come out and CRUSH !!!

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Only ONE athlete working at a time on the movements listed below. One athlete must ALWAYS be on the rower, completing max calories. Complete the following in any order you choose. Once you start one movement you must complete ALL of the reps of that movement. 200 Wall Balls 20/14 100 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 100 Toes to Bar / Hanging Knee Raises 100 HSPU / HR Push Ups 200 Kettlebell Swings 53# / 35# ​ One Athlete always on the rower --- working towards max effort calories. This will be part of your total score. ​ 12 Minute Time Cap ​

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

Athletes will work together to find each of their 3 Rep Max Back Squat. However, we won't be using metal rack fixtures. You and your teammates will be the rack. The barbell and the weights will NOT be allowed to touch the ground. If they do, even on a failed lift it will result in a penalty of -40lbs from the total max. SAFTEY FIRST. Communication is KEY. You must work together to hold the barbells up and load them with weight. ​ Human Rack Details ---- Clean the empty barbell from the floor. Push press the barbell overhead and receive the barbell on the back. From there your teammates will load the barbell with the athletes first attempt at the 3RM BS. Once completed two athletes, one on either side will hold the barbell so the next athlete can attempt. Once all have completed, I would advise holding the barbell on one of the athlete back's to load more weight. If the athlete fails, spotting is critical and you may assist the barbell up to prevent it from failing to the ground. Again COMMUNICATION is key. We will be posting a demo video in the next week or so. ​ Athletes will have 10 minutes to complete. Total of all max lifts will equal final score.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

4 Minute Max Effort UNISON Dumbbell Snatch 35#/15# Two athletes working together in UNISON to complete as many reps as possible. ​ 4 Minute Max Effort Double Unders / Single Unders One athlete working at a time to complete as many reps as possible. All athletes must complete a minimum of one REP. RX must complete ALL as Double Unders. FUN division will be given the option to do single unders, however each single under will count as a 1/2 point.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Tiebreaker: 1

Two athletes working together to Push sled down, while the other two push it back. Each trip down weight will be added. Score will be time completed. Trip 1 :: Empty Sled approx 70# Trip 2 :: Add 50# (120#) Trip 3 :: Add 30# (150#) Trip 4 :: Add 20# (170#) Trip 5 :: Add 20# (190#) Trip 6 :: Add 20# (210#)