Triple Threat 2017

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Join Code 3 Athletics for the 4th Annual Triple Threat, a 3 man or 3 woman team competition!

Code 3 Athletics
15725 S Vermont Ave
Gardena, CA 90247

Team Format:
  • 3 Men or 3 Women
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
Price: $240

How to register:

  1. Choose a Team Captain, Team Captain should have email addresses for all team members.
  2. Team Captain registers and pays for your team.
  3. Team Members will receive an invitation once registration is complete to join your team.
Important Notes
  • Register by 10/31 to guarantee a Triple Threat T shirt! 
  • Events will be announced in mid October. Some events will be announced on day of competition. 
Event 1
Max Snatch, Clean and Jerk
* Each team member will choose one lift to perform. Each member will have 3 attempts at their 1RM, with 60 seconds rest in between attempts. 

Event 2
A) 21-15-9 reps
DB Snatch
CTB/Pull Up
B) 21-15-9 reps
KB Thruster
C) 21-15-9 reps
* Each team member will choose which couplet to perform, and perform them relay style. Team score will be total time for all three couplets. Weights will be announced on Day of Event.

Trail Run 
* Details to be released on Day of Event 

Event 3
* Details to be released on Day of Event. Advanced participants can expect legless rope climbs, muscle ups, and moderate weight barbell movements. Intermediate participants can expect rope climbs, pull ups, and lighter weight barbell movements.