Bros and Does III

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Element is proud to present Bros and Does III - Male & Female team pairs competition. 

Athletes will compete in 3 fun, challenging events over the day, suitable for both Rx (Semi-Pro) and Rx+ (Pro) ability levels. 

Choosing Your Partner: You and your partner don't need to have the same strengths, you might actually find that partnering with someone who's strengths are different than yours will prove to be advantageous as the workouts will be designed to allow you to both work to your strengths. 

Division Breakdown Requirements
NOTE: There may be other movements included in the workouts onthe day of but they will not be required for competition. Remember for this event both partners do not need to be equally competent in all movements. 

Semi-Pro (RX)
Pull-ups (Kipping Allowed)
Rope Climb
Power Clean / Front Squat / Shoulder-to-Overhead 135/85
Thruster 95/65

Pro (RX+)
C2B / Muscle Ups (Kipping Allowed)
Legless Rope Climb
Power Clean / Front Squat / Shoulder-to-Overhead 185/135
Thruster 135/95

Refunds: There are no refunds. Athletes may choose to receive a credit to a future event in the amount of their registration fee up until 14 days prior to the event.