Compete in Costume II

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

**This is a PAIRS competition**
Price is per team.

Hallowe'en Havoc II
Second annual "Compete in Costume" event hosted by Outlaw North 

Prizing for both Scaled and Rx divisions

No Refunds- 
Teams will be responsible for individual or full team substitutions should it be necessary

Time: 9AM-1PM(ish)

Format: Pairs (teams of two) 

  • Female-Female Rx
  • Male-Male Rx
  • Female-Female Scaled
  • Male-Male Scaled


Jumping pullups, knees to chest, Clean & Jerk 115/75, Deadlift 155/105, potentially pull-ups, toes to bar

Toes to Bar, Pullups, Clean & Jerk 155/105, Deadlift 275/155, Potentially-  C2B, Muscle Ups