2017 Shakas and Snatches Aloha Lift Off

Event description

Shakas & Snatches Aloha Lift Off 2015 - Mens Highlight from motionandstory on Vimeo.

It's time for Shakas and Snatches 4th Annual Weight Lifting Competition. This year we're partnering with Taken Not Given, and West Oahu to make this meet the best yet. You know the drill. This meet is a fun and friendly twist to traditional Olympic weightlifting competitions, while still maintaining  the thrill and drama of slamming heavy bars in paradise.

No singlets are required! Be sexy, geared up, shirtless, or in slippahs! It is Hawaii after all. Similar excitement and drama to the Games!


Saturday, November 4th, 2017

West Oahu

2045 Lauwiliwili St #1001, Kapolei, HI 96707

Schedule & Heats

The schedule and heats will be based on a Bar Weight Cut Off. Meaning those with similar snatch/clean & jerk weight openers will lift at the same time, regardless of weight classes. Master schedule will be created when sign-ups are completed.When finalized, all competitors will receive schedule a week prior to Lift Off.

Expect 2-3 heats for each with a double platform:

Heat 1 for both male and female are expected to begin at 8:30AM

*Lifts will be in lb's. Minimum jumps will be 5lb (2.5lb on each side).

**Weigh-ins will be open 1.5 hours before your scheduled lifting time.

Awards (TBD)

  • Custom Shakas & Snatches Medals for each 1st place winner of each weight class.

  • Award for Best Outfit

  • Award for Best Celebration

  • More prizes will be added as the event approaches.


USAW membership is NOT required. This event is open to everyone and anyone! However, you will need a picture ID to check-in.


Spectators are encouraged to attend! Come support your local lifters!


  1. No part of the lifter (except the bottom of the feet) shall touch the platform.

  2. The Lifter cannot “press out” the barbell. Press out is when the elbows are bent and the lifter uses strength of the arms to lock out the elbows.

  3. The lift must be all in one continuous movement - no stopping and restarting.

  4. The elbows must not touch thighs or knees during the Clean.

  5. The Lifter must hold the bar steady and be motionless between the Clean and the Jerk.

  6. The Lifter must hold the bar steady and motionless in all parts of the body overhead with feet in line with the plane of the trunk until the judges give the down signal.

Snatch: Ground to overhead, in one fluid, continuous movement

Clean and Jerk :Clean takes the weight from the ground to shoulder, jerk takes it overhead.

Allowed Equipment

  • No singlet is required!

  • Wrist wraps, knee sleeves, knee wraps, and belts are okay!

  • Please contact the Shaka Team if you are unsure about a specific equipment you would like to use.

**T-shirts not guaranteed for late entries (postmarked after 10/17). There will be no refunds. If, after registering, you cannot compete for any reason you may contact us with the name of the athlete that is replacing you.