Wyoming Affiliate Cup

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

2015 Wyoming Affiliate Cup

·        Hosted by 7220 in Laramie Wyoming

·        Saturday June 13th

·        One day event

·        First events start at 8:00 AM

·        Each affiliate can register more than one team of 6 people

·        Each team must register at least 2 females 

·        Cost is $350 per team for registrations received before May 22nd.

·        Cost is $400 per team for registrations received after May 22nd.

All WOD's (but one) will be released 1-2 weeks prior to the event.

One WOD will take place a few blocks away at War Memorial Stadium, Home of the Wyoming Cowboys!

Athletes will receive a competition shirt, bag, and dinner Saturday night. Non-athletes can purchase dinner for $10.00. 

 7220 is an 8000 square foot facility located at 411 South 20th Street, 2 blocks from Washington Park. There is plenty of parking outside of our building. The nearest hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn. The Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn are also just down the road. 

Entry Fees:
Early Bird Fee is $350 per team  (May 1st - May 15th)
Normal Registration Fee is $400 per team (May 15th - June 1st)
Registration and Fees are all being processed online using the Competition Corner Website
Entry fees included processes and taxes. 

No Refunds. No Transfers. 

We will email you all the heat schedules & information you need prior to the event. 

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

Team of 6, one athlete moving through at a time: - 300m row - 5 bar muscle ups (or 15 C2B or 30 pull-ups) - 25 box overs (24/20) - 15 KB thrusters (53/35) - 25 T2B

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

AMRAP 10 - 5 handstand push-ups - 5 power cleans (155/105)

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

AMRAP 10 - 5 snatches (115/75) - 30 double unders

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

AMRAP 10 - 5 overhead squats (115/75) - 10 burpees

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

Team of 6, for time: 100 yard wheelbarrow walk (in pairs, down the field and back) Sandbag transfer (up and down stadium) 50 yard sprint - 30 KBS - 50 yard sprint (done individually) Wheelbarrows are done in pairs, only one pair at a time. Once the first pair is done, they can move to the sandbags. As each pair finishes the wheelbarrow walk, they join the rest of the team transferring sandbags. The team must transfer all 18 sandbags to the top. Once all sandbags are at the top and all athletes are back to the bottom, they then begin moving the sandbags back down. Once all sandbags are back down, athletes begin taking turns sprinting 50 yards to a kettlebell and performing 30 KB swings before sprinting back. Time is called as the last athlete crosses the finish line. MOVEMENT STANDARDS Wheelbarrow walk: A1 must begin with hands behind the starting line, A2 holding onto A1’s feet/ankles. On “go”, A1 will walk 100 yards on their hands while A2 holds onto their feet/ankles. When A1 hands pass the 100-yard line, athletes switch, A2 then begins their 100-yard return while A1 holds their feet/ ankles. If the athlete breaks during the 100 yards, the athlete’s hands must start where they left off. Sandbag Transfer: When an athlete pair has completed their handstand walk, they may begin moving sandbags to the top of the stadium. Athletes must move all sandbags to the top of the stadium on the marked route. Once all 6 athletes are back down on the track, the team can start to bring the sandbags back down. When the last sand bag hits the floor, athletes may start on their sprint. All athletes can work at the same time, carrying as many sandbags as they want. There will be 12 25 lb sandbags and 6 40 b sandbags. Sprint: One athlete sprints at a time. The athlete’s feet must start behind the starting line. Once the athlete gets to the KB, they will immediately start on their KBS. After completing the KB swings, the athlete will sprint back to their team to tag the next person. KBS: At the bottom, the KB must travel between the athlete’s legs with the bottom of the kettle bell facing away from the athlete. At the top of the kettle bell swing the athlete must finish the rep with knees, hips, and shoulders full locked out with the bottom of the KB pointing up. The athletes head must be through the window of the arms.