LMBRJCKD Athletics Combine

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

The LMBRJCKD Athletics Combine is the test of fitness the functional world needs. 7 events to test your strength, power, speed, endurance, agility, gymnastics and mobility. 

Programmed and Designed by Reid Worthington and Jason Carroll - the 29th Fittest Man in the World

For only $30 you get:
  1. Entry to the LMBRJCKD Athletics Combine
  2. 3 Months access to LMBRJCKD Athletics ($60 Value)
  3. 2 Day Admission to The FitExpo ($40 Value)
  4. Gifts from sponsors (TBA, $40+ Value)
  5. Pride, Glory, Prestige

Event is at The FitExpo in Anaheim. Combine athletes get free 2 day admission to the FitExpo. 


  • 7 tests of Comprehensive Athletic Performance

    • Strength - 2RM Deadlift

    • Time Under Tension - Max Distance Carry of Load

    • Power - 1RM Power Snatch

    • Endurance - 1K row + AMRAP Assault Bike Calories - 8 minute Cap

    • Simple Gymnastics Capacity - 4 min AMRAP - box facing burpee jump overs 24/20’'

    • Complex Gymnastics Capacity - Max Distance HS walk in 2 minutes

    • Mobility - 3RM Max Double KB Overhead Squat

—Cash Prizes to the top 3 male and females performers both days—

How to register? $30

With your registration ($30)  you will receive 3 months free of the LmbrJCKD Comprehensive Athletic Performance Program (CAPP) with access to coaching, private beyond the whiteboard community, and Facebook group.

Spots are limited  - Sign up NOW!!!

Details - This will be a Combine style fitness event with a twist. Each athlete will perform each one of the 7 above tests within a 3 hour time block (11am-2PM). The order is up to you! You will then be scored on your best 6 events among the field. You will only get 1 attempt at each test.

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No refunds. Transfer to another athlete 72 hours before combine starts.