Event description

Starting January 1st, you'll have the opportunity to compete in the first ever TikTok strength competition! 

Each month will have a new event with two lifts contested! Prizes will be given out AT RANDOM each month thanks to our sponsors, and the top 5 athletes with the most points across the year in each division will be invited to compete in the grand finale in December for a CASH PRIZE!

All video submissions MUST BE posted to TikTok AND submitted here for them to count, and must use the hashtag #bigbendstrengthgames2022 AND tag @bigbendstrength in the caption.

Finally, The January Event Is...

The Bench Press 1RM and Clean & Jerk 1RM!

There is no pause on the bench press, no rule about the butt or head coming off the bench, no rule about heaving, and no rule about grip width or arch in back. Just pick up some heavy weight!

There is no pressout rule, there just must be an attempt to get under the bar by rebending the knees at a minimum. split jerk, push jerk, power jerk, squat jerk are all allowed, a strict or push press is not (that may be a later event?!?)

Questions? Join the discord at the link below!

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Registrations are not transferable

Strict no refund policy