Event description

The Cookie Jar Project 

We believe people are capable of so much more than they think. Our mission therefore, is to give you the opportunity to challenge yourself, break through obstacles, and to realise your potential through a supportive group of likeminded people. 

We call this process, The Cookie Jar Project. Borrowing from the legend himself - David Goggins - our aim is to enable you to fill your conceptual ‘Cookie Jar’ with experiences and achievements (Cookies) that you can draw upon when life get tough. Grabbing a Cookie when you need it, can help remind, motivate, and push you to achieve increasingly amazing things.  

We believe that being part of a community that supports one another to achieve our best is essential, but just as important is supporting those less fortunate. 

January 2022 Challenge




RX Male & Female

Adaptive Athlete Upper Body & Lower Body


Workouts will be released in competition corner & onto our Facebook page.


Each individudal athlete will be able to track their scores on our leaderboard. Please note placement on the leaderboard is no guarantee of winning. Please see 'How do you win the monthly Cookie Jar prize pool.

Win: Prizes

How do you win the monthly Cookie Jar prize pool: 

You must: 

  • Complete the challenge (RX or selected field – every division has the same chance of winning)
  • Push/ go beyond what you think your limits were.
  • Support others to do the same.
  • Be proud of your actions and share your efforts with The Cookie Jar Project (you can also share with others via our Facebook page The Cookie Jar Project #earnyourcookies to help inspire others).
  • Have integrity throughout the challenge and have proof of the completion of the challenge to share with The Cookie Jar Project judges.
  • Not have won the previous month. 

And then...

  • Those meeting the above conditions, go into a random draw to decide the winner.

What else we do?

Additional to providing you with awesome challenges each month, great prize packs to the selected winner and linking you to the best community this side of the chocolate chip, we also give back to the community. Each month a large part of the total money raised is donated to a Cookie Jar worthy charity. Giving back to a different aspect of our community every month. Follow us on Facebook to find out who we are supporting this month.  

Have a worthy chairty needing cookies? Direct message us via The Cookie Jar Project Facebook page.

Who should enter?

You should enter if you fall into any of the following categories: 

  • The gym outliners, who always pushes to the best of their abilities.
  • The individual gym goer who is seeking a little more.
  • That group of friends that always challenge each other to something crazy, hard or exciting. Improving each other and giving back to a worthy cause.
  • Those wanting to be apart of a wider community of like-minded people.   
  • Those that want to test their mental toughness and know the importance of having ‘Cookies’ in a jar. 
  • Those 'sick' individuals that just like to find and test their physical and mental limits.