BLUELIGHT THROWDOWN - Online Qualification

Event description

BLUELIGHT THROWDOWN * is a functional fitness team competition for all awesome police officers (everyone who works in police),  firemans and first responders who are our HEROS and are doing amazing job!

It is two athlete team competition (where at least one of the athletes carries a valid job ID) who will compete in either same or mixed gender teams division. For more specific division information visit the registration form.

Registration Process will be until end of March.

 - Early Bird (until 30th of September): Team will pay 60 Euro registration fee and will transfer directly to Live Event. 

 - Registration Fee will be 85 Euro until 31st of December. This will be for everyone who wants to save the team spot for the Live Event. After 31st of December this registration platform will be closed. Please visit direct registration page for Live Event

- After 31st of December all teams will need to pass the Online Qualification. It will contain 3 workouts done individually. Registration fee will be 20 Euro per Team.There will be Final Event Registration fee - 85 Euro.

Online qualification workouts will be announced from 24th of February until 14th of March. These Workouts will be Crossfit Open Workouts and you can submit scores until 31st of March.  

Online Qualification workouts may include similar movements as the Final Event. 

Final Event may include movements like:

Gymnastic Movements:
Pull ups (different versions)
Push ups (different versions)

Weightlifting Movements (Kettlebell, Barbell, Dumbell):
Squat (Single leg squats, Air Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat, Wall Balls)
Deadlift (Barbell, Dumbell, Kettlebell)
Shoulder to Overhead - different versions (Press, Push Press)
Clean and Snatch (different versions)
Madball and Slamball exercises

Endurance Movements:
Assault Bike
Box Jumps
Burpees (different versions)

Final Event will be on the weekend of 18th and 19th of June, 2022. It will be one day event with max 4 workouts throughout the day. 

More information will be announced soon.

* To register your team at least one athlete should have a valid job ID Card.