Event description

Your Gym is the BEST! - Time to Prove it on the Competition Floor...


Think GRID League. Teams of 8 athletes, 4 males and 4 females will battle it out to prove their gym is the best around. 

Your team will compete in 5 events testing, strength, speed, endurance, gymnastics, barbell and aerobic capacity. This is an all RX competition. Your coach or team captain will build your team to highlight everyones strengths. In this event, specialist have their time to shine! 

2 Gyms will go head to head in each heat with a consistent rotation so you won't see the same team twice. We will cap the event at 12 total teams to keep it to 6 heats. Competition Lanes will be approx 40' long by 20' wide with a start/finish area to tag athletes in and out.

All athlete MUST be from the same gym. $500 rogue giftcard to the winning gym (once we hit 8 teams) and a full size custom wooden sledghammer (if you've seen our last 2 comps, that hammer just a lot bigger).

Workout 1 - Male and Female Ground To Overhead Speed Ladder (4 athletes 2m/2f)

Workout 2 - Gymnastics Skill/Capacity Test (4 athletes 2m/2f)

Workout 3 - ERG Endurance Test (Team)

Workout 4 - Mixed Modal Rounds for time (Team)

Workout 5 - Mixed Modal Chipper (Team)

Movements You Will See

Ground To Overhead

Handstand walks

Muscle Ups (ring and bar)

HSPU - strict and kipping

OH Lunges 50/35 DBs

Burpee BJO 30/24

Thrusters 135/95

Wall Balls 30/20

Echo Bike

Deadlifts (reps no weight)

All C2 Ergs

-we may add movements after testing workouts