Event description

Moultrie South Georgia Classic

Welcome to the 1st Annual Moultrie South Georgia Classic. Join us for this one day team event for fitness enthusiasts in order to test your abilities. The event will consist of 4 seperate workouts with prizes to the first place of each division and medals given to the top three. The event will be held at the Fundamental Factory in Moultrie, GA (127 Sunset Circle, Building 3, Moultrie, GA 31788)

The workouts will be released at seperate times leading up to the event. Registration is $120 per team. There are no refunds, but we do allow substitutions. We plan to cap the event at 48 teams, so register now before registration closes.

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Instagram: forged.athlete

Facebook: facebook.com/forgedathletetrainingsystems


In order to get a tshirt signup by January 9th