Event description

Event description:


Are you ready to showdown?


By participating in the  „German Teen Showdown 2022“ qualifications and finals, the athlete agrees to all rules and policies set forth by the orginizational team of „German Teen Showdown“.


The „German Teen Showdown“ is a functional fitness competition exclusively for teenagers in Germany that requires a high range of abilities from gymanstics to weightlifting and endurance, graduated according to age group.


It is open to any athlete that is looking for a challenge and requires a minimum of equipment. The „German Teen Showdown“ is a two-stage competition starting with the online qualification phase in October. The top athletes will then qualify for the final event in Herne on February 26-27th in 2022.


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Visit www.germanteenshowdown.com for more information.



Divisions: (Date of birth)

13-14 years f/m – born 04.11.2006 - 03.11.2008 (or younger)

15-16 years f/m – born 04.11.2004 - 03.11.2006

17-18 years f/m - born 04.11.2002 - 03.11.2004



The Leaderboard will be final on 26.11.2021.

Confirmation of invitation until 12.12.2021.

Replacement procedure until 19.12.2021.


  • Field of participants ready on: 26.12.2021


62 days until the final „German Teen Showdown!!!

Each Division will have an on site final.


The following number of atheletes will be invited to the finals after the qualification:


13-14: 10 female and 10 male

15-16: 15 female and 15 male

17-18: 15 female and 15 male


The 13-14 year old athletes will compete on Saturday only. The 15-16 year old athletes will compete on Sunday only. The 17-18 year old athletes will compete on Saturday and Sunday.


It is possible that one workout of the age group 17-18 will be a swim event.


The organizer reserves the right to gift wildcards to atheltes. Getting a wildcard means that the athlete doesn´t have to go through the qualification, they will get a direct invitation to the finals.


The fee to enter the final will be:

13-14: 21 Euro + fees

15-16: 31 Euro + fees

17-18: 41 Euro + fees


The prize money will depend on the sponsors. The exact amount will be determined by the number of registrations. Non-Cash items depent on the products given by sponsors.


All Athletes will also receive a goodie bag with the official t-shirt of „German Teen Showdown“ and other give aways.


Facilities, including refreshments and dressing area and showers are available at the site. Drinks, food etc. on site will be charged and handled by the local facility.


The realization of the final event is subject to the legal requirements regarding the COVID-19-Pandemic of the state government of NRW as well as the federal goverment of Germany. 


If the final event can not be held due to these requirements and force majeure the amount of money will be refund by the organizer.


An Eleiko barbell bar will be raffled off among all participants. (Value of 750 euros)


In case of any question or problem please send an email to:



Head Julia Merle-Emmens and Allan Emmens

Programming and HeadJudge Tobias Wallhöfer

Athlete Care, Organisation & Sponsoring: Jennifer Brauckmann