Event description

GOAT Youth Fitness Competition

Event Date: Saturday, 1/29/2022



Format: Individual
Divisions:  RX and Scaled

Age Groups

  • Ages 10-12
  • Ages 13-14 M/F Scaled/RX
  • Ages 15-17 M/F Scaled/RX

Events: Guaranteed three Regulation workouts (they're live!!), Regulation workouts subject to change during testing
Competition Finale:  the top five athletes from the older age divisions will compete in the finale



Registration is currently open!  Registration closes on Sunday, 1/16/2022 @ 12AM EST.



The Workouts are Live!!

Please navigate to the Workouts tab to review the workouts for each Age Group / Division.  The workouts are still currently being tested.  Please keep in mind the workouts won't be completely finalized until the day of the competition.  Changes to workouts will appear here and on the Official Facebook Event page.

Please see the Movement List PDF located here:  Movement List PDF.


Competition Live Stream

The competition will be streamed live on the CrossFit Vertex YouTube Channel and the CrossFit Vertex Facebook Page.  We encourage family members and friends to tune in to watch your youths in action! 


Refunds and Ticket Transfers:

Refunds will be granted if the competition does not take place.  The refund will not include platform related fees (about $10.00).  Ticket transfers are allowed.  Contact crossftvertex@gmail.com for more detail on ticket transfers.


Web Links:


Other Rules:

  • Competition organizers reserve the right to adjust workouts prior to the competition
  • Competition organizers reserve the right to adjust prizes based on ticket sales
  • Competition organizers reserve the right to stop or remove any unsafe conditions from the competition floor or competition grounds
  • Other rules may apply



1. Who should I contact for more information?
You can reach out to the competition team by emailing crossfitvertex@gmail.com, sending a personal message to the CrossFit Vertex Facebook Page, or posting questions on the official Facebook Event Page

2. Will athletes be alerted when workouts change? When will the workouts be finalized?
Yes, athletes will be alerted of workout changes via the official Facebook Event Page. The workouts finalize on the day of the competition. Final workout hints will be distributed between now and the competition start date.

3. Is there a spectator fee?
There is no spectator fee. All spectators are welcome.

4. What should I bring?
Bring everything you'll need for the day, including fuel and something to sit on. We will have grab-n-go items available.

5. Where do we park?
Please utilize all parking lots in front of the CrossFit Vertex buildings.

6. May I bring my pet?
As much as we would like to allow pets, we must maintain a safe environment. Please leave pets at home. Service animals are always allowed.

7. Are children allowed?
Yes, children are allowed but they must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

8. Where will the athletes warm up and camp out?
We will open the CrossFit Vertex Annex Gym for warming up. The Main Gym and Annex Gym will also be used as an athlete hang out area. If the weather is nice, we will utilize the parking lot as well.



Email:  crossfitvertex@gmail.com
Call/Text:  (570) 677-2476
Website:  www.crossfitvertex.com
Facebook:  CrossFit Vertex


Event Date: Saturday, 1/29/2022


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