Event description

The Benchmark Classic is an opportunity to attempt, test, and retest common fitness tests, known as benchmarks. Regardless of your current fitness level, age, or gender have fun! It is not required to complete all events/tests. Do the ones you want to, and if you want to give a workout you’ve never done before a try, give it a go! Compete against yourself or others, it’s up to you.

**Workout Release Date is 1 December 2021**

**Workout Windown is 1 to 31 January 2022**



Men and Women 18-34
Boys and Girls 14-15 
Boys and Girls 16-17 
Men and Women 35-39 
Men and Women 40-44 
Men and Women 45-49 
Men and Women 50-54 
Men and Women 55-59 
Men and Women 60+ 

There is no entry charge, so there is no refund given.

Substitutes are not necessary since this is an individual event.

Specific details for each workout will be released on December 1st, 2021. But the following common benchmarks will be used.

Benchmark Workouts

400m Run
2K Row
5K Run
Filthy 50
Fight Gone Bad
Max Pull-Ups (Unbroken)

Benchmark Lifts

Clean and Jerk
Back Squat
*Sinclair Coefficient used