Event description

We’re ecstatic about the April 30th- 2022 Beast Mode Games. We will host our usual team competition as our main division. In 2022 will will include our elite individuals division. Athletes will have 2 days to put in work to climb up the leader board. Remember the goal is to not be perfect, but to get better.

As we prepare for the next couple months, we decided to host Beast Mode throwdowns. This is a simple format that will be completed within 90 minutes. We’re excited to launch this format of all individuals having an opportunity to participate in the singles division. Anyone can come out to participate but to participate in the 2022 Individuals divisions, you must participate in 1 of our Beast Mode throwdowns and finish in the top 20 men or women standings. The leaderboard will be closed after the last throwdown and whoever is standing in the top 20 will be able to register.

Upon registation, there's no refund. You cannot substitute your registation towards someone else.