Event description

Xmas Battle is a 4 week online competition with 1 weekly workout. All members of Arca can participate. Xmas Battle is a team competition where you will be battling against other members in all of Arca and in your local box. 

Link to Xmas Battle Charity Tee


  • 4 weeks online competition
  • 1 weekly workout
  • For Arca members only
  • Team workouts
  • MM/FF or MF teams on the same leaderboard
  • Workouts can be done in Open Gym

Workouts will be released on Wednesday at 10.00 AM and deadline for uploading your result is Sunday at 10.00 PM


Registration deadline: November 28th at 10.00 PM

Workouts will be released as follows:

  • Workout 1: 24/11 at 10.00 AM - deadline 28/11 at 10.00 PM
  • Workout 2: 1/12 at 10.00 AM - deadline 5/12 at 10.00 PM
  • Workout 3: 8/12 at 10.00 AM - deadline 12/12 at 10.00 PM
  • Workout 4: 15/12 at 10.00 AM - deadline 19/12 at 10.00 PM


In Open Gym at Arca or anywhere you have the required equipment. There will be local events in several boxes where teams can do the workouts with other teams. Check the FB page of your local box.


Xmas Battle is for all Arca members

Score validation

Top 5 in each workout will be required to provide video proof!

All participants can be asked to provide video proof of one or more workouts. It is your sole responsibility to have a video of your performance. If you can't provide a video upon request then your score will be removed from the leaderboard. There will be an option to provide a video link when uploading your score and we recommend teams to do so. It isn't mandatory to provide a link when registering your score but you MUST be able to provide a video upon request.

RX, Intermediate and Scaled on the same leaderboard

For each of the 4 workouts there will be a RX version, a Scaled version and sometimes a Intermediate version.  Each week your team chooses to do the version that matches your skill level. Here is an example:

If the RX version of week 1 consists of exercises that your team can do, then you do this one RX. Week 2 comes along with some skill work in the RX version that neither of you have learned yet but the Intermediate version suits both of you fine. Week 2 is then done in Intermediate version. Week 3 has a RX and Intermediate version that both includes movements that both of you haven't learned yet. You then choose to do the Scaled version of week 3. Week 4 is right up your alley and you finish the battle off with a RX version.

In this case you have performed 2 workouts RX, 1 workout Intermediate and 1 Scaled - in the same division as everybody else competing in the Xmas Battle.


The leaderboard will rank teams based on the amount of points they score. The participant with the least amount of points wins. 1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points and so on. Scores in the different workout versions are prioritized: RX>Intermediate>Scaled. The lowest RX score - meeting the minimum work requirement - will be placed right above the best intermediate score on the leaderboard.

Minimum work requirement

There will be a minimum work requirement (MWR) for each RX and Intermediate version of a workout. If the MWR isn't met the score will be reduced to the scaled version. The intention of the MWR is to make sure that the teams who chooses a RX or Intermediate version of a workout is capable of performing all the excersises required.

We strongly encourage all teams each week to choose the version that is best suited for their specific skill level. A better placement on the leaderboard should not be at the expense of a good experience and doing a good workout. The ability to meet the MWR doesn't necessarily mean that it's the right choice for a given participant, but it can help make the right decision between RX, Intermediate and scaled version.


There will be prizes for the overall winners.